Report I2014-1 Recommendations

After the State Auditor's Office completes an investigation and issues a copy of its investigative report to the state department involved, the department is required by the Whistleblower Protection Act to provide the State Auditor with information about the actions it has taken in response to the report. Within 60 days of receiving the report, the department must report to the State Auditor any disciplinary action it has taken or intends to take against any employee who was a subject of the investigation. Also within 60 days, the department must report to the State Auditor any actions it has taken or intends to take to implement the recommendations made in the report to prevent the continuation or recurrence of the improper activities described in the report. When the department has not completed all of its intended actions within 60 days, the department must report on its actions monthly thereafter until all of its intended actions have been taken. Below is a listing of each recommendation the State Auditor made in the report referenced, as well as a link to a summary of what the department has reported to the State Auditor about its actions in response to the report. Information about the departmentís responsive actions and the State Auditorís assessment of those actions will be updated on this site quarterly.

Recommendations in Report I2014-1: Investigations of Improper Activities by State Agencies and Employees (Release Date: December 2014)

Recommendations for Case I2010-1250
Department: Military Department, California
Number Recommendation Status

Return to headquarters the remaining excess expendable materials seen in August 2013.

Fully Implemented

Identify a barcode system that can be used to inventory expendable state property and implement that system.

Fully Implemented

Establish a routine of completing a monthly inventory of expendable state property after the barcode system is implemented.

Partially Implemented
Recommendations for Case I2011-0815
Department: Industrial Relations, Department of
Number Recommendation Status

To address the dishonesty and incompatible activities of the employee, place information in the employee's personnel file regarding his dishonesty and incompatible activities so the information may be considered if the employee seeks future employment with the State.

Fully Implemented

To address the neglect of supervisory duties by the manager, take adverse action against the manager.

Fully Implemented

To address the failure to adopt a telecommuting program consistent with General Services' guidance, adopt a telecommuting program consistent with General Services' policies, procedures, and guidelines, including the model program, and train staff regarding the requirements of that program.

Fully Implemented
Recommendations for Case I2011-0878
Department: Employment Development Department
Number Recommendation Status

Provide training regarding headquarters designations and their impact on travel expense claims to all Facilities Office staff who regularly submit travel expense claims.

Fully Implemented

Provide training to all Facilities Office supervisors who oversee traveling staff to ensure that they understand how to determine and designate headquarters locations for their employees properly.

Fully Implemented

Require all Facilities Office supervisors to evaluate the current headquarters designations for their traveling staff to ensure that the headquarters designations are correct.

Fully Implemented

Provide training to the travel unit to ensure that its employees understand the relevant laws and regulations governing headquarters designations.

Fully Implemented
Recommendations for Case I2011-1622
Department: Transportation, Department of
Number Recommendation Status

Seek reimbursement of $415 from the transportation engineer for his misuse of the state vehicle.

Fully Implemented
Recommendations for Case I2012-0086
Department: Water Resources Control Board
Number Recommendation Status

Make reasonable efforts to recover the outstanding $994 from the manager.

Fully Implemented

Contact the state agency that currently employs the manager to coordinate appropriate disciplinary action, to make certain the manager is not in a position to misuse or embezzle additional state funds, and to ensure that the manager's personnel file includes appropriate documentation of her misconduct.

Fully Implemented

Refer the matter to the district attorney in the jurisdiction where the embezzlement occurred for potential prosecution.

Fully Implemented

Establish a formal policy for recycling its surplus state property. This policy should include a strict prohibition against obtaining cash for recycled state property and a requirement that staff log all recycling activities so that its accounting office periodically can reconcile those activities with accounting receipts. The policy also should include specific instructions regarding who may engage in recycling activities and detailed procedures for carrying out those responsibilities, starting with identifying the need to recycle state property and ending with delivering the recycling proceeds to the accounting office.

Fully Implemented
Recommendations for Case I2012-0355
Department: General Services, Department of
Number Recommendation Status

Either cease providing Inter-Con's evening and weekend security guards with free parking or amend its contract with Inter-Con to disclose that it is providing free parking to Inter-Con employees as part of the price of the contract to protect the safety of the guards working evening and weekend shifts.

Fully Implemented

Print all recommendations and responses.