Report 2004-114 Highlights - June 2005

Department of Justice:

The Missing Persons DNA Program Cannot Process All the Requests It Has Received Before the Fee That Is Funding It Expires, and It Also Needs to Improve Some Management Controls


Our review of the Department of Justice's Missing Persons DNA Program (missing persons program) revealed the following:

  • Created in January 2001, the missing persons program reached full operation in July 2004, which appears reasonable considering the issues it faced in establishing operations.
  • As of February 2005, the missing persons program had received 799 requests and completed DNA analysis for 261 of them, but is unlikely to complete testing for all requests before the fee supporting it expires.
  • It may be too soon to decide whether the existing fee supporting the missing persons program should be made permanent.
  • Several elements of the missing persons program are sound, but its management information and timekeeping databases, which could otherwise serve as valuable management tools, include inaccurate data.
  • The missing persons program is receiving the funding to which it is entitled and its costs are appropriate for a laboratory to incur.

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