Report 2003-113 Highlights - December 2003

California Integrated Waste Management Board:

Its New Regulations Establish Rules for Oversight of Construction and Demolition Debris Sites, but Good Communication and Enforcement Are Also Needed to Help Prevent Threats to Public Health and Safety


Our review of the California Integrated Waste Management Board (board) and local agencies' oversight of solid waste facilities found:

  • The board had not finalized regulations for construction and demolition debris sites when a large fire broke out at the Archie Crippen Excavation Site (Crippen Site), which accepted construction and demolition waste in Fresno.
  • The board's interim directions did not provide the local enforcement agencies (LEAs) with clear guidance on how to handle construction and demolition debris sites.
  • Representatives of several agencies visiting the Crippen Site before the fire failed to cite and remediate conditions that ultimately made the fire difficult to suppress, raising concerns about public health.
  • The board does not track "excluded" solid waste sites because regulations do not require it to do so.
  • The board does not complete a review of each LEA every three years, as required by law.
  • Through legal challenges to enforcement actions, solid waste facility operators can delay correction of identified problems.

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