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Californians turn to us because our reports are a catalyst for positive change. After months of hard work analyzing facts and data, you'll find us at the Capitol briefing Legislators, in our pressroom answering questions from the media, or at local school board meetings helping decision makers and the public understand their options. People trust what we say because our reports are unbiased and based on an objective evaluation of the evidence we collect. Untangling problems and getting to the truth takes grit. Figuring out how to solve complex problems takes creativity. The only way we can fulfill our mission is by working together, supporting each other, and always improving as individuals and as an organization.
"We ensure government provides high-quality, efficient, and equitable access to services for all Californians. Our work results in innovative recommendations to solve complex problems."

Michael Tilden, CPA Acting California State Auditor

We Influence Positive Change...

When decision makers act on our recommendations, real change happens. Because of the work we have done, children have improved access to preventative health care, more California students were admitted to our public universities, and local governments are in better positions to respond to disease outbreaks. We also make recommendations to government agencies that help them to better serve the public.

$4.9 Billion The amount we estimate could be saved if the Legislature and government agencies implemented all of our recommendations.

...And Solve Problems.

The Legislature asks us to examine some of California's biggest challenges. This includes homelessness, education accountability, environmental concerns, and government waste. Our teams get to the heart of these issues by understanding the law, interviewing key players, analyzing data, and poring over government documents. We become the experts, and once we understand the root cause of a problem, we pivot to develop creative and practical ways to solve it.
"Even the work of a rookie can help improve California government. The Legislature passed a bill incorporating important recommendations I helped develop in my first audit."

Nicole Madera Performance/Policy Evaluator

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