Report 2016-125.1 Recommendation 11 Responses

Report 2016-125.1: The University of California Office of the President: It Has Not Adequately Ensured Compliance With Its Employee Displacement and Services Contract Policies (Release Date: August 2017)

Recommendation #11 To: University of California

To help ensure that the university will implement its central contract database for tracking and monitoring all university contracts in a timely manner, the Office of the President should develop a detailed project implementation plan by October 2017 that outlines a schedule of the specific activities that will need to occur to complete this effort.

60-Day Agency Response

The implementation plan for the contracts database is completed. This plan will stand up the database, ready campus and system-wide users to start authoring new contracts using this system, and will address the conversion of existing system-wide contracts from the current platform into the new database. We have provided a copy of the implementation plan with this submission. Subsequent implementation waves scheduled for 2018 will migrate campus contracts to the system as well as, potentially, medical centers and labs.

  • Completion Date: October 2017
  • Response Date: October 2017

California State Auditor's Assessment of 60-Day Status: Fully Implemented

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