Report 2016-122 Recommendation 11 Responses

Report 2016-122: California State University: Stronger Oversight Is Needed for Hiring and Compensating Management Personnel and for Monitoring Campus Budgets (Release Date: April 2017)

Recommendation #11 To: University, California State

Once it receives the results of its consultant's study on executive compensation, the Chancellor's Office should collaborate as soon as possible with interested parties, such as the LAO, to develop methodologies for future compensation comparisons that consider total compensation.

6-Month Agency Response

The estimated completion date has been revised and is still tentative because we are reviewing the scope of work for the study. The nature and extent of any changes to the scope of work may require another revision to the estimated completion date.

  • Estimated Completion Date: April 2019
  • Response Date: October 2017

California State Auditor's Assessment of 6-Month Status: Pending

60-Day Agency Response

The Chancellor's Office is continuing to gather the data required for consideration of institutions for compensation comparisons. As noted in our initial response, once the data is available, we will collaborate with relevant parties to consider institutions for total compensation comparisons.

  • Estimated Completion Date: March 2018
  • Response Date: June 2017

California State Auditor's Assessment of 60-Day Status: Pending

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