Report 2016-104 Recommendation Responses

Report 2016-104: California Public Utilities Commission: It Should Reform Its Rules to Increase Transparency and Accountability, and Its Contracting Practices Do Not Align With Requirements or Best Practices (Release Date: September 2016)

Recommendation for Legislative Action

The Legislature should amend Public Utilities Code section 632 to clarify that its provisions related to the Attorney General apply to the CPUC regardless of Government Code section 11041 and Public Utilities Code section 307.

Description of Legislative Action

Senate Bill 19 (Hill, Chapter 421, Statutes of 2017) adds Section 633 to the Public Contract Code to provide that the provisions requiring CPUC to comply with specified requirements regarding contracts for consultant or advisory services do not apply to contracts for legal services and requires the CPUC to notify the Attorney General when contracting for legal services by attorneys who are not employees of the CPUC.

  • Legislative Action Current As-of: October 2017

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: No Action Taken

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