Report 2015-504 Recommendation Responses

Report 2015-504: Follow-Up—California Department of Justice: Delays in Fully Implementing Recommendations Prevent It From Accurately and Promptly Identifying All Armed Persons With Mental Illness, Resulting in Continued Risk to Public Safety (Release Date: July 2015)

Recommendation for Legislative Action

To ensure that Justice fairly balances competing responsibilities and avoids redirecting APPS unit staff to conduct Dealers' Record of Sale background checks, the Legislature should require Justice to complete an initial review of cases in the daily queue within seven days and periodically reassess whether Justice can complete these reviews more quickly.

Description of Legislative Action

Assembly Bill 1999 (Chapter 638, Statutes of 2016) requires the Department of Justice to complete an initial review of a match, as defined, in the daily queue of the Armed Prohibited Persons System within seven days of the match being placed in the queue and to periodically reassess whether the department can complete those reviews more efficiently.

  • Legislative Action Current As-of: November 2016

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: Legislation Enacted

Description of Legislative Action

Legislation has not been introduced to address this recommendation.

  • Legislative Action Current As-of: January 2016

California State Auditor's Assessment of 6-Month Status: No Action Taken

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