Report 2015-112 Recommendation 16 Responses

Report 2015-112: Student Mental Health Services: Some Students' Services Were Affected by a New State Law, and the State Needs to Analyze Student Outcomes and Track Service Costs (Release Date: January 2016)

Recommendation #16 To: Murrieta Valley Unified School District

To better understand the effectiveness of the mental health services in its special education program, Murrieta Valley should use the six performance indicators we identified to perform analysis annually on the subset of students receiving mental health services.

60-Day Agency Response

The Murrieta Valley Unified School District (District) started implementing the recommendation of tracking student data/outcomes related to the following six indicators outlined in the audit report: 1) Graduation; 2) Drop Out; 3) State-wide Assessment Participation and Proficiency; 4) Suspension/Expulsion; 5) Participation in General Education; 6) Post-School Outcomes. The District collected baseline data for each outcome using data from the 2014-15 school year for indicators 1-5. The District used data from the 2013-14 school year to develop a baseline for indicator #6 (Post-School Outcomes). The Post-School Outcomes for 2014-15 school year are collected a year later and will be available in the next few months. The district provided the auditors with a table including baseline data for each indicator.

  • Completion Date: February 2016
  • Response Date: March 2016

California State Auditor's Assessment of 60-Day Status: Fully Implemented

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