Report 2012-110 Recommendation 7 Responses

Report 2012-110: Special Interest License Plate Funds: The State Has Foregone Certain Revenues Related to Special Interest License Plates and Some Expenditures Were Unallowable or Unsupported (Release Date: April 2013)

Recommendation #7 To: Emergency Management Agency

To the extent that it continues to expend money from the antiterrorism funds through contracts, Cal EMA should ensure that the expenses contractors claim comply with the contracts' terms, including the allowability of the expenses. For example, it should obtain adequate support for invoices contractors submit before issuing payment to ensure that the contractor has performed the work as expected and that the amount claimed is sufficiently supported.

60-Day Agency Response

Any future awards funded with Antiterrorism Funds will now be issued as "grants" as opposed to "contracts". This will ensure any future awards will be monitored appropriately, as all "grants" administered by Cal EMA are subject to desk and/or field monitoring from our agency's Monitoring Division. The monitoring includes reviewing supporting documentation to ensure allowability for expenses charged to the grant.

  • Completion Date: January 2013
  • Response Date: July 2013

California State Auditor's Assessment of 60-Day Status: Fully Implemented

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