Report 2012-105 Recommendation 14 Responses

Report 2012-105: Departments of Public Health and Social Services: Weaknesses in the Administration of the Child Health and Safety Fund and the State Children's Trust Fund Limit Their Effectiveness (Release Date: November 2012)

Recommendation #14 To: Social Services, Department of

To ensure that the office complies with the State Contracting Manual, Social Services should direct the office to update its guidelines for grant administration to establish a formal process for reviewing the grantees' progress reports and interim products. This process should include documenting the office's review and assessment of whether the grantees meet the goals, objectives, and measurable outcomes in their grant requirements.

60-Day Agency Response

Social Services updated its grant manual to include a section on reviewing grantees' progress reports. Social Services' office created a new form to document the receipt, review, and approval of grantees' progress reports.

  • Response Date: January 2013

California State Auditor's Assessment of 60-Day Status: Fully Implemented

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