Report 2010-122 Recommendation 3 Responses

Report 2010-122: California Department of Transportation: Its Capital Outlay Support Program Should Strengthen Budgeting Practices, Refine Its Performance Measures, and Improve Internal Controls (Release Date: April 2011)

Recommendation #3 To: Transportation, Department of

To improve performance metrics related to the support program, Caltrans should develop goals—and publicly report on the progress against those goals—for the support-to-capital ratio, based on project type—State Transportation Improvement Program or the State Highway Operation and Protection Program—and project size.

Agency Response*

Caltrans established support-to-capital ratio goals based on project size. These goals and results can be found at the following link:

Caltrans also developed an annual measure which includes all programmed STIP and SHOPP projects that completed construction during each fiscal year for which Caltrans was responsible for development and construction management. A copy of the Five Capital Cost Ranges is attached as Attachment 2B-1. This measure was published in the 3rd Quarterly Project Delivery Report. A copy of the report is included as Attachment 2B-2 and can also be found at the following link:

The 4th Quarterly Project Delivery Report is included as Attachment 2B-3 and can be found at the following link:

  • Response Type†: Annual Follow Up
  • Completion Date: October 2012
  • Response Date: October 2012

California State Auditor's Assessment of Status: Fully Implemented

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†Response Type refers to the interval in which the auditee is providing the State Auditor with their status in implementing recommendations made in an audit report. Auditees must submit a response regarding their progress in implementing recommendations from our reports at three intervals from the release of the report: 60 days, six months, and one year or subsequent to one year.

*Agency responses received after June 2013 are posted verbatim.

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