Report 2010-119 Recommendation 4 Responses

Report 2010-119: Commission on Teacher Credentialing: Despite Delays in Discipline of Teacher Misconduct, the Division of Professional Practices Has Not Developed an Adequate Strategy or Implemented Processes That Will Safeguard Against Future Backlogs (Release Date: April 2011)

Recommendation #4 To: Teacher Credentialing, California Commission on

To adequately address the weaknesses in its processing of reports of misconduct, the division should revisit management's reports and processes for overseeing the investigations of misconduct to ensure that the reports and practices provide adequate information to facilitate reduction of the time elapsed to perform critical steps in the review process.

Annual Follow-Up Agency Response From August 2012

As indicated in its one-year response, the commission developed a variety of case aging reports designed to show the age of cases and to provide management with the information necessary to oversee and monitor the investigation of all reports of misconduct. These reports appear to include information about critical steps in the review process. Additionally, the committee recently reviewed a plan on setting performance measures for critical stages of the division's business processes. The plan also presents proposed targets to perform vital tasks and a proposed report on performance measures, with targets, cycle time, and volume. According to the plan, these measurements will be displayed in a data dashboard, an executive level information display that is designed to be easy to read. However, the commission stated that to implement the dashboard requires revisions to the database, which will not be completed until the summer of 2012. In an August 2012 update, the commission stated that it has implemented the dashboard, which is described more fully under recommendation 5.

  • Completion Date: August 2012

California State Auditor's Assessment of Annual Follow-Up Status: Fully Implemented

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