Report 2010-112 Recommendation 6 Responses

Report 2010-112: Employment Development Department: Its Unemployment Program Has Struggled to Effectively Serve California's Unemployed in the Face of Significant Workload and Fiscal Challenges (Release Date: March 2011)

Recommendation #6 To: Employment Development Department

To maximize federal funding and provide unemployment benefits to those eligible under the alternate base period, the department should closely monitor its resources and project schedule to avoid any further delays in implementing the client database and ensure that it completes the alternate base period project by the federal deadline.

1-Year Agency Response

The federal labor department certified the department's application for incentive funds in June 2011 and the department received a maximum transfer of $839 million in July 2011. In July 2012 the department reported to the Legislature that it had successfully implemented the alternate base period and that it had processed 1,767 valid claims for the alternate base period as of May 12, 2012, which we verified. (2013-406, p. 129)

  • Response Date: November 2012

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: Fully Implemented

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