Report 2009-119.4 Recommendation 2 Responses

Report 2009-119.4: California Emergency Management Agency: Despite Receiving $136 Million in Recovery Act Funds in June 2009, It Only Recently Began Awarding These Funds and Lacks Plans to Monitor Their Use (Release Date: May 2010)

Recommendation #2 To: Emergency Management Agency

To ensure that it meets the monitoring requirements of its Recovery Act JAG Program, Cal EMA should plan its monitoring activities to provide reasonable assurance that its Recovery Act JAG Program subrecipients administer federal awards in accordance with laws, regulations, and the provisions of contracts or agreements.

6-Month Agency Response

Cal EMA provided a monitoring plan for all its grant subrecipients that involves a risk-based approach that contains the following four key components: subrecipients are monitored during the term of the grant award; monitoring efforts focus on the areas of the most significant risk to the agency; all findings are addressed through appropriate corrective action; and ongoing financial and administrative training and technical assistance is provided to subrecipients. According to its monitoring plan, specific to Recovery Act funds, Cal EMA randomly selects subrecipients to receive extended scope reviews through the risk assessment process. Additionally, the plan indicates that all subrecipients receiving Recovery Act funds will receive a limited scope review within six months after the award is granted. This review may lead to an extended scope field review if needed to assure subrecipient compliance. (See 2011-406 p. 149)

  • Response Date: December 2010

California State Auditor's Assessment of 6-Month Status: Fully Implemented

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