Report 2009-119.1 All Recommendation Responses

Report 2009-119.1: California Energy Resources Conservation and Development Commission: It Is Not Fully Prepared to Award and Monitor Millions in Recovery Act Funds and Lacks Controls to Prevent Their Misuse (Release Date: December 2009)

Recommendation #1 To: Energy Commission, California

As expediently as possible, the Energy Commission should take the necessary steps to implement a system of internal controls adequate to provide assurance that Recovery Act funds will be used to meet the purposes of the Recovery Act. These controls should include those necessary to collect and verify the data needed to measure and report on the results of the programs funded by the Recovery Act and to mitigate potential fraud, waste, and abuse. Such steps should include quickly performing the actions already planned, such as assessing the Energy Commission's existing controls and the capacity of its resources and systems, and promptly implementing all needed improvements.

Recommendation #2 To: Energy Commission, California

The Energy Commission should promptly solicit proposals from entities that could provide the allowable services and should execute contracts, grants, or loan agreements with these entities so that California can realize the benefit of the Recovery Act funds.

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