Report 2008-113 Recommendation 21 Responses

Report 2008-113: Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board: It Has Begun Improving the Victim Compensation Program, but More Remains to Be Done (Release Date: December 2008)

Recommendation #21 To: Victim Compensation and Government Claims Board, California

To ensure that the board effectively manages the program workload and can report useful workload data, it should review the applications and bills converted to CaRES from VOX that are showing excessively lengthy processing periods and determine whether problems with the data exist or whether the board has significant time processing problems.

1-Year Agency Response

With respect to applications and bills converted from VOX to CaRES, the board will perform a review to determine why the processing times appear to be unusually lengthy. (2008-113, p. 71). In its one-year response, the board reported that it had developed an inventory monitoring system that identified minimum and maximum workload that is acceptable at each processing center and steps to take if any of the centers are outside of the normal processing parameters. The board stated that program managers meet periodically to discuss the workload and transfer work between centers using established transfer criteria. Additionally, the board stated that its JP offices and headquarters staff are monitoring the number of applications and bills processed and beginning in early November 2009, management meet weekly to evaluate the inventory and production across the entire program. The board also reported that CaRES is now capable of and is producing reports as needed. (2010-406, p. 223)

  • Response Date: December 2009

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: Fully Implemented

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