Report 2007-121 Recommendation 9 Responses

Report 2007-121: Veterans Home of California at Yountville: It Needs Stronger Planning and Oversight in Key Operational Areas, and Some Processes for Resolving Complaints Need Improvement (Release Date: April 2008)

Recommendation #9 To: Veterans Affairs, Department of

To ensure payments to the maintenance contractor are appropriate, the Veterans Home should require the contractor to provide records of inspections and maintenance work performed prior to authorizing these payments.

1-Year Agency Response

The Veterans Home modified its agreement with the contractor to revise the preventive maintenance schedule and reporting requirements. Veterans Affairs indicated that the Veterans Home is also using a new contract billing report to help ensure payments to the contractor are appropriate and has developed a new approach to monitoring the contractor's performance for compliance with the contract. (2010-406, p. 28)

  • Response Date: June 2009

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: Fully Implemented

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