Report 2007-121 Recommendation 3 Responses

Report 2007-121: Veterans Home of California at Yountville: It Needs Stronger Planning and Oversight in Key Operational Areas, and Some Processes for Resolving Complaints Need Improvement (Release Date: April 2008)

Recommendation #3 To: Veterans Affairs, Department of

To improve its ability to fill vacancies in key occupations, the Veterans Home should develop a comprehensive plan for recruitment and retention that establishes goals and strategies for reducing chronic vacancy rates and sets timelines and monitoring activities to keep recruiting efforts on track. To maximize its efforts to recruit high-need staff, the Veterans Home should ensure that the recruitment efforts of all its departments are coordinated through a centralized position or program. In addition, the Veterans Home should implement the remaining steps it has currently identified to better recruit and retain health care staff.

1-Year Agency Response

The Veterans Home stated that it has developed a facility recruitment plan and is executing it. It has published an examination plan and is training all service chiefs on the recruitment process and timelines. The Veterans Home further stated it has developed and implemented a recruitment calendar, regularly participates in area career fairs and recruitment events, and conducts exit interviews of staff who resign and evaluate the results. Under the Veterans Home’s recruitment strategy, recruitment plans will be monitored on a monthly basis and the annual recruitment plan will be renewed each year in January. In addition, under the Veterans Affairs’ recruitment program, supervision of recruiting efforts is vested at the Veterans homes. Veterans Home administrators designate a recruitment coordinator, ensure managers and supervisors are aware of their recruiting assignments, and monitor recruiting achievements. Veterans Homes’ recruitment coordinators are responsible for reporting on the conduct of annual recruitment at their respective home and developing and maintaining rapport with community groups who may serve as a resource for recruitment. (2010-406, p. 27)

  • Response Date: June 2009

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: Fully Implemented

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