Report 2007-109 Recommendation 7 Responses

Report 2007-109: DNA Identification Fund: Improvements Are Needed in Reporting Fund Revenues and Assessing and Distributing DNA Penalties, but Counties and Courts We Reviewed Have Properly Collected Penalties and Transferred Revenues to the State (Release Date: November 2007)

Recommendation #7 To: Administrative Office of the Courts

To ensure that the distribution of payments for all fines, fees, and penalty assessments charged to offenders comply with all applicable laws and regulations, the AOC should do the following: Ensure that the Los Angeles court corrects any manual coding errors and strengthens internal controls over data entry.

1-Year Agency Response

The AOC affirmed that the Superior Court of Los Angeles County has taken steps to ensure that manual coding cashier errors are corrected and that internal controls are strengthened over data entry. (See 2009-406 p. 264)

  • Response Date: November 2008

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: Fully Implemented

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