Report 2006-501 Recommendation 11 Responses

Report 2006-501: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation: It Needs to Improve Its Processes for Contracting and Paying Medical Service Providers as Well as for Complying With the Political Reform Act and Verifying the Credentials of Contract Medical Service Providers (Release Date: April 2007)

Recommendation #11 To: Corrections and Rehabilitation, Department of

To ensure that it protects the State's interests and receives the best possible services at the most competitive prices, Corrections should ensure that it establishes internal control processes that prevent prisons from allowing contractors to perform services before receiving General Services' approval of the contract.

1-Year Agency Response

The Office of the Receiver stated that its Plata Contract Branch is striving to ensure contracts are fully executed before services are provided at the institutions. However, adequate medical care must be provided in order to mitigate mortality and morbidity based on various federal court cases. (See 2009-406 p. 41)

  • Response Date: June 2008

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: Fully Implemented

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