Report 2006-108 Recommendation 1 Responses

Report 2006-108: California Institute for Regenerative Medicine: It Has a Strategic Plan, but It Needs to Finish Developing Grant-Related Policies and Continue Strengthening Management Controls to Ensure Policy Compliance and Cost Containment (Release Date: February 2007)

Recommendation #1 To: Regenerative Medicine, California Institute for

To provide accountability and assess annual progress in meeting its strategic goals and initiatives, the institute should fulfill its plans to develop a process to track management information reported annually by grantees.

Annual Follow-Up Agency Response From January 2010

Grantees submit annual reports detailing scientific progress on the funded research project. Grantees also have reporting requirements triggered by certain events. For example, when a CIRM grantee publishes a scientific article reporting results of CIRM-funded research, the grantee must report that to CIRM within 60 days. CIRM uses these reports to compile and report information about CIRM-funded scientific progress. (Annual reporting requirements are set out in the grants administration policies. Event-based reporting requirements are set out there and in the intellectual property regulations.) Each scientific progress report is reviewed by the assigned CIRM science officer. Grantees are required to provide data and figures to support the report, and may be asked for supplemental information if the report is incomplete or inadequate. (See 2009-041 p. 28)

California State Auditor's Assessment of Annual Follow-Up Status: Fully Implemented

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