Report 2005-123 Recommendation 4 Responses

Report 2005-123: Department of Corporations: It Needs Stronger Oversight of Its Operations and More Efficient Processing of License Applications and Complaints (Release Date: January 2007)

Recommendation #4 To: Corporations, Department of

To ensure that it has identified all necessary performance measures and appropriately focused its current performance measures, Corporations should continue to assess the reasons for performance deficiencies and add or adjust performance measures as needed. For example, inefficiencies in the call center apparently caused the enforcement division to appear slow in responding to complaints. Adding a performance measure of the call center's timeliness in reporting complaints to the enforcement division would immediately pinpoint the cause for delays.

1-Year Agency Response

Corporations indicated that the Securities Regulation Division (securities division) has completed an initial review of performance measures to identify deficiencies and determine what caused the deficiencies and develop corrective action plans to meet performance measures. The securities division will also re-evaluate performance measures, baselines and targets for appropriateness, and accuracy. Managers will evaluate and report quarterly to executive staff performance deficiencies and their corrective action plans.

The Financial Services Division (financial division) will review and monitor processing times and compare them with benchmarks on a monthly basis. Further, the financial division will develop corrective measures to address any issues identified and develop new, more appropriate measures that are achievable. (See 2009-406, p. 31)

  • Response Date: January 2008

California State Auditor's Assessment of 1-Year Status: Fully Implemented

Subsequent to the original publication of this response, the state auditor considered this recommendation to be fully implemented.

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