Report 2012-042 Recommendations

When an audit is completed and a report is issued, auditees must provide the State Auditor with information regarding their progress in implementing recommendations from our reports at three intervals from the release of the report: 60 days, six months, and one year. Additionally, Senate Bill 1452 (Chapter 452, Statutes of 2006), requires auditees who have not implemented recommendations after one year, to report to us and to the Legislature why they have not implemented them or to state when they intend to implement them. Below, is a listing of each recommendation the State Auditor made in the report referenced and a link to the most recent response from the auditee addressing their progress in implementing the recommendation and the State Auditor's assessment of auditee's response based on our review of the supporting documentation.

Recommendations in Report 2012-042: Children's Hospital Program: Fund Disbursements Are Appropriate, but Estimates of Cash Needs Have Been Consistently High (Release Date: July 2012)

Recommendations to Health Facilities Financing Authority, California
Number Recommendation Status

To avoid contributing to the State's financial strain, the authority should limit future bond sales to the level of disbursements it reasonably expects to make during the following six-month period.

Fully Implemented

The authority should reduce its current cash balance by continuing to make disbursements to hospitals while refraining from requesting additional bond sales. If the authority believes it needs to retain a portion of its cash balance as a contingency reserve for unforeseen circumstances, it should perform and document an analysis demonstrating the appropriateness of the reserve level it adopts.

Fully Implemented

To allow for more accurate planning of upcoming cash needs, the authority should refine its cash-projection process to more accurately reflect its near-term cash needs. Specifically, the authority should refrain from requesting additional bond sales for projects that have not yet received project approval from the authority.

Fully Implemented

For hospitals with existing projects, the authority should request written confirmation from hospitals that detail when the hospitals will submit disbursal requests for approved funds.

Fully Implemented

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