Report 2012-032 Highlights - October 2012

California's Postsecondary Educational Institutions:

Some Institutions Have Not Fully Complied With Federal Crime Reporting Requirements


Our audit of the 2010 crime statistics compiled and reported by six California postsecondary educational institutions (institution) highlighted the following:

  • None of the six California institutions we reviewed completely complied with all of the federal reporting requirements.
    • All six inaccurately reported crime statistics to varying degrees, with most of the errors resulting in the institutions reporting more crimes than required.
    • None of the six institutions disclosed all required campus security policies in their annual security reports-most failed to disclose policies related to emergency response and evacuation processes.
    • Several institutions did not always notify current and prospective students and employees of the availability of their annual security reports.
  • Of the 71 survey respondents out of 80 campuses surveyed, most indicated that they have practices in place to help ensure that they collect and make available accurate crime statistics.

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