Report 2011-119 Highlights - June 2012

Physical Therapy Board of California:

Although It Can Make Improvements, It Generally Processes Complaints and Monitors Conflict-of-Interest Requirements Appropriately


Our review of certain practices of the Physical Therapy Board of California (physical therapy board) highlighted the following:

  • One of its expert consultants has served as the physical therapy board's in-house consultant since approximately 2003, and the physical therapy board has not tried to hire a state employee to fulfill this function at a reduced cost and thus save the State up to $35,000 per year.
  • It lacks a process to formally evaluate its in-house or other expert consultants' performance.
  • The Department of Consumer Affairs (Consumer Affairs) does not ensure that members of its boards—such as the physical therapy board—participate in required board member orientation nor ensure that board members and other employees designated in its conflict-of-interest code attend ethics training.
  • All current members of the board have attended the board member orientation, yet Consumer Affairs could not demonstrate that two current board members received all required ethics training.
  • Two former board members submitted their statements of economic interests exceptionally late.

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