Report 2010-118 Highlights - May 2011

California Prison Industry Authority:

It Can More Effectively Meet Its Goals of Maximizing Inmate Employment, Reducing Recidivism, and Remaining Self-Sufficient


Our review of the California Prison Industry Authority (CALPIA) revealed the following:

  • It cannot determine its impact on post-release inmate employability because it lacks reliable data.
    • It is unable to match parolees' social security numbers from the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's (Corrections) information system to employment data from the Employment Development Department.
    • In attempting to use another of Corrections' databases to track employment data, we noted it contained numerous errors—we found more than 33,000 instances of erroneous parolee employer information.
  • Although CALPIA created a set of comprehensive performance indicators, several of these indicators are either vague or not measurable.
  • Since 2004 it has introduced only a modest number of new revenue-generating enterprises while it has closed, deactivated, or reduced the capacity of six enterprises at 10 locations throughout the State.
  • Although CALPIA prepared pricing analyses to support its product-pricing decisions, it did not document the basis for how it determines profit margins and in some instances, we found no analysis of market considerations.

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