Report 2008-104 Highlights - August 2008

Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation:

It Does Not Always Follow Its Policies When Discharging Parolees


Our review of the Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation's (Corrections) adult parole discharge practices found that:

  • Corrections' data indicate that the responsible parole units did not submit discharge review reports for 4,981, or 9 percent, of the 56,329 parolees discharged between January 1, 2007, and March 31, 2008, and that Corrections lost jurisdiction over these individuals.
  • District administrators, operating within their authority to exercise judgment, at times discharged parolees despite the parole agents' and unit supervisors' recommendations to retain the parolees without documenting the reasons for their decisions.
  • Because of errors made by Corrections' Case Records Office, the appropriate authority did not participate in making the decisions to retain or discharge six of the 83 parolees whose discharge reviews we evaluated for compliance with Corrections' policies.
  • Corrections reported that it has taken immediate corrective measures and has drafted new policies that, if implemented, will govern its parole discharge process.
  • Changes to state law that became effective January 1, 2008, and proposed revisions to Corrections' policies—if implemented—could increase each district administrator's role and authority in the discharge review process.

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