Report 2007-121 Highlights - April 2008

Veterans Home of California at Yountville:

It Needs Stronger Planning and Oversight in Key Operational Areas, and Some Processes for Resolving Complaints Need Improvement


Our review of the Veterans Home of California at Yountville (Veterans Home) found that:

  • Chronic shortages in key health care positions, such as nursing, have limited the Veterans Home in serving the veteran community. Some nursing staff have worked substantial amounts of overtime to meet staffing guidelines for providing care to members who live in the skilled nursing and intermediate care facilities.
  • Despite these staffing shortages, the Veterans Home has not had a coordinated and comprehensive strategy for filling chronic staff vacancies in especially important occupational areas.
  • Weak oversight of its medical equipment maintenance contract provides the Veterans Home little confidence that the equipment has received regularly scheduled testing and maintenance, thereby risking not having properly functioning equipment available when needed and making inappropriate payments to its medical equipment contractor.
  • The Veterans Home has not assessed its compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act requirements to ensure people with qualifying disabilities have access to the Veterans Home and its programs and services, or designated a representative to respond to complaints of inaccessibility from members.
  • State agencies responsible for investigating and resolving complaints by Veterans Home members regarding the Veterans Home and its programs and services, the Veterans Home, the California Veterans Board, the California Department of Veterans Affairs, and the California Department of Public Health, could improve their practices regarding those responsibilities.

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