Report 2004-105 Highlights - October 2004

California Department of Corrections:

Although Addressing Deficiencies in Its Employee Disciplinary Practices, the Department Can Improve Its Efforts


Our review of the California Department of Corrections' (department) process of handling employee disciplinary matters revealed that the department:

  • Spends an average of 285 days to serve an adverse action or close a case.
  • Can improve its disciplinary practices by simplifying its investigative process for straightforward, uncontested cases, by eliminating the headquarters review of most adverse actions, and by taking steps to bring more standardization of penalties. Further, many disciplinary case files were disorganized and had key pieces of information missing.
  • Has disciplinary policies and procedures that are incomplete, out of date, and in need of revision.
  • Uses several redundant databases to track disciplinary matters and each system is incomplete and inaccurate.
  • Recently began requiring job-specific training for a key position involved in its disciplinary process; however, it can do more to require training for other key positions.
  • Has yet to implement several audit recommendations related to disciplinary matters from audits conducted in 2000 and 2001.

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