Report 2002-016 Highlights - June 2004

Water Replenishment District of Southern California:

Although the District Has Addressed Many of Our Previous Concerns, Problems Still Exist


Although it has implemented many recommendations of our May 2002 report, the Water Replenishment District of Southern California (district) has not fully addressed all our concerns. Specifically, our review revealed that the district:

  • Adopted a reserve-funds policy that calls for increasing its reserve funds, but since adopting the policy, the district allowed its reserve funds to further deplete.
  • Likely overstated its reserve-funds targets by using some faulty assumptions in calculating them.
  • Included goals and objectives in its strategic plan, but did not include outcomes by which the district and public can measure the district's progress in meeting them.
  • Spent district funds on items such as gifts and flowers that its policies specifically prohibit.
  • Incurred costs for items such as award dinners and food and beverages for meetings that do not appear to be the most prudent use of its funds.

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