Report 2001-104 Highlights - August 2001

Department of Corrections:

Though Improving, the Department Still Does Not Identify and Serve All Parolees Needing Outpatient Clinic Program Services, but Increased Caseloads Might Strain Clinic Resources


Our review of the Parole Outpatient Clinic Program (program) at the Department of Corrections (department) found that:

  • The program's new continuum process, while an improvement over its previous process, still does not identify and serve nearly 40 percent of mentally ill parolees.

  • In 38 of the 83 cases we reviewed, social workers did not perform prerelease assessments, and 45 parolees were not seen by the clinics within required time frames.

  • A new data management system, when implemented, may address some of the program's weaknesses, but it would be more effective if linked to other department computer systems.

  • One-third of the parolees served by the program are not diagnosed with a mental illness but fit other criteria established by the department.

  • The program should establish caseload standards and use its new system to identify its cost of serving different types of parolees so it can manage expected caseload increases.

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