Report 2001-009 Highlights - December 2001

California Energy Markets:

Pressures Have Eased, but Cost Risks Remain


The Department of Water Resources (department) faced an immense challenge in purchasing the net-short energy of the three investor-owned utilities. The department entered into 57 long-term contracts for power with an estimated cost of $42.6 billion over the next 10 years. Although the energy crisis has now eased, significant cost and reliability risks remain. Specifically, we determined that:

  • The speed in which the department entered into contracts in response to the crisis precluded the planning necessary for a power-purchasing program of this size. As a result, it assembled a portfolio of power contracts that presents significant risks that will need careful management to avoid increased costs to consumers.

  • The portfolio does not contain sufficient power for peak-demand periods, thus potentially exposing consumers to high market prices if energy supply becomes limited during those periods.

  • The majority of the contracts are not written to ensure a reliable source of power, but instead they convey lucrative financial terms upon the suppliers to ensure that energy is delivered. In addition, the terms of the contracts contain provisions that can increase the cost of power; thus they need careful management to avoid additional costs to the consumers.

  • The department lacks the infrastructure needed to properly manage the purchases of the net short, but is taking steps to build up its capabilities.

  • Many decisions need to be made about the State's future role in the power market. The department's authority to contract and purchase the net short ends after 2002, yet it or another entity will need to manage the considerable market and legal risks of the power contracts and, if the utilities are not creditworthy, purchase the net short.

  • Operational improvements are needed to strengthen the department's administration of the power-purchasing program.

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