Reports Related to "Trade and Commerce Agency"

Reports Related to "Trade and Commerce Agency"
Date Issued Report Number Report Title
December 13, 2001 2001-115

Technology, Trade and Commerce Agency: Its Strategic Planning Is Fragmented and Incomplete, and Its International Division Needs to Better Coordinate With Other Entities, but Its Economic Development Division Customers Generally Are Satisfied

Summary Full Report (PDF)

December 21, 1999 99025

California Trade and Commerce Agency: It Has Not Demonstrated Strong Leadership for the Manufacturing Technology Program, Collected Data Necessary to Measure Program Effectiveness, or Ensured Compliance With Program Requirements

Summary Full Report (PDF)

April 24, 1996 95118

Trade and Commerce Agency: More Can Be Done To Measure the Return on the State's Investment and To Oversee Its Activities

Full Report (PDF)

November 1, 1995 93109

Trade and Commerce Agency: The Effectiveness of the Employment and Economic Incentive and Enterprise Zone Programs Cannot Be Determined

Summary Full Report (PDF)

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